Jane is passionate about perinatal mental health and devotes a lot of time to educating health professionals and sharing her personal story.  Recent events include the Royal College of Midwives Annual Conference and guest lecturing at Salford University and UCLAN.  Jane was featured on Channel 4 News in 2018, raising awareness around health visiting.  She has published two articles on perinatal mental illness in The Mental Health Practice and Journal of Health Visiting.  Through her personal experiences Jane is also passionate about explaining mental illness to children.  This was born from her own need to explain to her eldest daughter what was wrong with mummy and why mummy had a poorly mind.  Jane has professionally seen first hand the effects growing up with a parent with a mental illness has on children.  her desire is for her own children to grow up accepting that mental illness can happen to anyone and it is OK not to be OK.

Jane Fisher, Royal College of Midwives annual conference




Using my mental health nurse training and over 15 years experience I can provide educational sessions for pre and post qualifying health professionals. 

A sample 2 hour session covers the theory of perinatal mental health, my experience of going from a nurse to a patient, discussions around the assessment and care planning of my care.  Learning objectives covered include self awareness, recovery, care planning and assessment, base knowledge of perinatal mental health, assessment of risk in the perinatal period.

Sessions can be adapted to your needs.

I have experience of delivering these sessions to mental health nurse pre and post qualifying, midwives, health visitors, Approved Mental Health Professionals, post qualifying psychological intervention students, student social workers.



Perfect for a 10/15 minute slot in a conference.  I have a powerful presentation which tells my story in the form of a letter to my daughter, Bella Hope. The take away message is one of hope.  The audience will feel inspired and more aware of mental health difficulties.

Again can be tailored to your specific needs and audience.

My Baby Bell 💕 what a roller coaster 5


These are usually included in the other sessions, however can be stand alone sessions.  Hear how it feels to experience mental illness for a personal perspective.  Learn about how it affects other family members and how recovery is navigated.

Another mental health awareness session,


I have a variety of mental health awareness sessions.  These are suitable for people in volunteer positions, or those who want to increase their knowledge and awareness around mental health.

These sessions have been delivered at numerous Churches across the north west.  Also sessions have been specifically produced for staff at Christians Against Poverty.

Topics covered include top tips for communicating, the role of the Church in mental health support, common mental health conditions, what to do in a crisis, prayer and medication.

Can be specified to your individual needs.



What They’re Saying

‘Apart from the obvious that everyone likes to hear a mum's story of their journey through postnatal illness, Jane gave us so much more than this. With her profession and expertise in mental health herself, she was able to bridge the gap between the medical perspective and a service user's perspective. I observed how inclusive her talk was so that it didn't isolate anyone in the audience. She also gives a very grounded perspective, which we have not had in the past.  The feedback from those present confirmed that I had got it right this time in my choice of speaker.’

Programme Director for IPT West Midlands,South Staffs & Shropshire Healthcare Foundation Trust

‘It was really amazing, thank you so much Jane for sharing your very real story.  It is invaluable for us as health care professionals to hear such a moving account of how it really feels to be on the other side.’

'Great to see how your courage and commitment to sharing  your experience is inspiring and making a difference to other women and families.'

RCM conference, 2019

‘the talk from Jane Fisher was really powerful and thought provoking.’

‘Service user experience was extremely powerful and heartfelt, and I will remember this.’

‘I found the presentation by Jane Fisher extremely useful to have the insight into somebody who has had experience. It was very inspiring and moving.’

Institute of Health Visitors, Perinatal mental health training, 2019


I look forward to hearing from you to discuss your specific needs.  Please enquire for availability and prices.   Travel expenses also apply.



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